The best Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Speech Recognition


Real Time Automatic Transcription Software

Having a single application that captures audio directly from the PC’s output speakers and transcribes it in real-time, allows you to get transcripts from any other software used to play audio, such as Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams Calls, YouTube or VLC video, Webex, Otter, Chrome or any other browser, etc.

One Transcriber Automatic Universal Audio Transcription
One Transcriber provides an automatic transcription of audio played by every application

Machine Learning

K-Means Function
k-means function

Machine Learning is the area of AI that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Most of the work in machine learning today is based on a set of supervised machine learning algorithms. K-Means is one of the most famous algorithms.

Algorithms & Languages

Sample Python Code applied to an AI Algorithm

The three most common types of AI Algorithms are supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement. Python is one of the most powerful and common Programming Languages adopted in the AI Algorithms implementation.

Deep Learning

Neural Networks Schema

Deep learning is a specific field of AI that uses deep artificial neural networks to perform advanced computations. Deep learning has revolutionized the field of machine learning, allowing machines to achieve human-level performance on a wide variety of tasks.