Install One Transcriber on MacOS

Step-by-Step Guide to install and configure One Transcriber for MacOS

1. Install and configure BlackHole beforehand

First, you need to download and install “Blackhole”, that is a powerful OpenSource software for MacOS that manages Audio loopback and streaming across input/output devices (very similar to the old and historical “SoundFlower”, but more easy to install and configure). Here you can learn more about it:

You can download BlackHole directly from One Transcriber Download page here (you must be registered).

Launch the .pkg and follow the quick steps to install and configure:

Blackhole Installation

In you MacOS, go to “Applications >> Ultilities >> Audio MIDI Setup” and open it: the list of all Input and Output audio devices will be shown, as well as the new “BlackHole 2ch” virtual device:

IMPORTANT! There’s a small trick to fully enable BlackHole in the Audio MIDI Setup: put the Value level of “Master” bar to 0 (actually -64) and then immediately back to the maximum value (1):

First, move the bar of Master level to 0
Second, immediately back to max value (1,0)

Now, still within the Audio MIDI Setup, go to “Multi-Output Device”, and set the check box for both “Built-in Output” and “BlackHole 2ch”. In anycase the Sample Rate should preferrably be at 48,0 kHz.

Set the Mutl-Output Device including the Built-In Output and the BlackHole 2ch virtual device

Last step, go on the Audio icon, in the top bar, and select the Multi-Output Device. Don’t worry about the icon becoming like disabled, your audio will properly work seamlessly.

Selet the Multi-Output Device in the Audio selection on the Top bar.

Done with BlackHole!!

2. Install and launch One Transcriber

Here we’re ready to launch One Transcriber. Download from here (still you just need to be registered). Please note that One Transcriber can be installed even before or without BlackHole at all. BlackHole setup and configuration will only allow One Transcriber to capture the Output Audio data in real time in the so-called “Loopback Mode”, but it’s totally independent (actually in Windows, this feature is automatically embedded in the Operative System, while on MacOS the same Loopback feature is only available by using a tool like BlackHole or others – For example, you can also use SoundFlower as alternative to BlackHole in exactly the same manner and setup).

the One Transcriber dmg executable file

Double-click on OneTranscriber.dmg and the installation will be done in seconds:

Drag and Drop OneTranscriber in the Applications folder, as usually done for any application

Launch the Application and the Login screen will appear, for login via credentials (that you’ve already done on the website, by activating the Account):

OneTranscriber Login screen

Once authenticated, you’re ready to quickly start Transcribing: select the preferred language and, very important, select as Audio Speaker, from the menu, exactly and always “out-in – BlackHole 2ch”. See below:

Select “BlackHole 2ch” from the Audio Speaker menu

You’re ready to go: play any audio, from meetings, calls, youtube, wherever, and click the Start button in One Transcriber to generate automatically Real-Time transcriptions:

Real-Time transcripts generated based on any Audio played on the PC

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