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  • Install One Transcriber on MacOS

    Step-by-Step Guide to install and configure One Transcriber for MacOS 1. Install and configure BlackHole beforehand First, you need to download and install “Blackhole”, that is a powerful OpenSource software for MacOS that manages Audio loopback and streaming across input/output devices (very similar to the old and historical “SoundFlower”, but more easy to install and […]

  • 22 Best Transcription Software in 2022

    Transcription software comparison

    As we know, we generally refer to Transcription as the process of converting spoken words into written form. For legal, medical, academic, and other professional purposes, transcription is crucial in the documentation process. Therefore, it is a fundamental need for those users to capture the speech and then transcribe it into a written format in […]

  • What is a Transcription Software and How to use it

    Using Transcriptions Transcription is the process of converting speech or other audio into text. It’s a way to preserve and share information that would otherwise be lost in the transitory medium of sound. The transcriptions, either manual or automatic, apply to many scenarios and needs, for example: You’re recording a speech or a presentation and […]

  • How to get meeting captions in real-time

    Speech Recognition Waves

    Subtitle generation is today a crucial productivity tool used at work in meetings, lectures, webinars and videos. Subtitles are generally generated via Artificial Intelligence by automatic audio transcription services, but currently only very few platforms are capable of processing audio in real-time and directly from outgoing speakers, as well as being compatible with all meeting […]

  • One Transcriber: the only software for real-time transcriptions

    Audio Sources Transcriptions

    Here we quickly describe the main features of the One Transcriber PC application and how it can be used in the workplace or for any other purpose. Hey there, welcome to a quick presentation of One Transcriber! One Transcriber is the software (currently available for Windows OS) to get audio transcription in real-time. Unlike all […]

  • What are Neural Networks in Artificial Intelligence

    neural networks

    Neural networks are a class of algorithms that are inspired by the structure and functions of the human brain, that is by attempting to mimic the way neurons (and their synapses) communicate and process information. Artificial Neural Networks have been used extensively in the field of artificial intelligence, and today are one of the most […]

  • What is Automatic Speech Recognition

    Speech to Text

    Origin and challenges of Speech Recognition Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) —the ability to recognize and understand speech—has long been a cornerstone of modern computing. It has been a core technology specifically in voice applications for years, with the first digital telephone systems relying entirely on ASR technology to recognize and transcribe human speech. In the […]